Xeptagon Bespoke AI Solutions

We are a team of consultants specializing in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve complex business problems in enterprises and start-ups. We provide end-to-end data science consulting.

4 ways Xeptagon helps your business succeed

Our focus is exclusively on using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data science to solve complex business problems. Here are some of our key areas, but feel free to discuss your business challenges with our experts.

Our Business Model

Here is How We Approach in Implementing Aritificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science Solutions.


Free Evaluation

Our team of experts will organize a call with your business to understand your business and identify solutions that could be implemented.

  • Identify solutions with the highest ROI
  • Preliminary evaluation is free of charge
  • Conduct strategic workshops for better understanding

Full-Stack Implementation

Upon agreeing, our team will implement a production ready end to end system that includes complete data integration with User Interfaces.

  • User friendly interfaces
  • Complete data integration with microservices
  • Staff Training on system usage
Full stack implmentation

Planning Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Data Science Projects?


Some of our selected clients.

Sierra Cables PLC

Colombo, Sri Lanka

A factory process optimization and a scheduling tool was built using AI and IoT devices to improve profitability.



Developing AI training tools and acting as a back office for implementing AI related consultancy projects.

Mayleen Corporation

Nairobi, Kenya

IT consultant for developing AI related software solutions for Mayleen and their partners and clients.