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We are a team of software developers specializing in Research and Development (R&D) based advanced software development and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve complex business problems.

Xeptagon Helps Your Business Succeed

Our focus is exclusively on innovation and being updated with the latest technologies. Xeptagon development team possesses core R&D skills in developing state-of-the-art software solutions with development exposure and know-how in Low Latency Solutions, Scalable Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Data Science along with a Full Stack Development team to solve complex business problems in a variety of domains. These are some of our key areas, but feel free to discuss your business challenges with our experts.

Our Business Models

Our fast-growing team consists of members in Full Stack Software Development, R&D, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance, System Operations, Business Analysis and Project Management. Here are a few ways we develop software solutions for our clients.


End to End Design and Development

Our team of experts and developers will do an in-depth exploration to understand your business domain to identify the best solution that could be implemented. Upon approval, we will start developing and provide you with an end-to-end software solution.

  • Development of the system with the latest tech stacks and regular client briefings
  • Thorough testing, maintenance and operational support upon deployment
  • Leverage expertise from our global network of academics and experts should the need arise

Managed Software Engineering Teams

Extend your current technical or non-technical teams with our engineers for mid to long term software engineering needs. Our engineers will work along with your team to successfully complete the engagement with the highest quality standards.

  • Work in sync with the client team through regular meetings and online communications
  • Xeptagon's senior technical and project management staff will actively oversee the projects
  • Experience in working with client teams from Asia, North America and Europe
  • Complete knowledge transfer and training at the end of the engagement

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Our Valued Clients


Our Clients are spread around the Globe!

We are glad our innovative state-of-the-art software solutions have enabled business enterprises, inter-governmental organizations, global universities and start-ups to achieve a competitive advantage. Our clients span across the globe with clients from Hong Kong, Hungary, Norway, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the USA.

Latest from Xeptagon

Here are a few incredible projects Xeptagon has developed recently. Refer to our blog for a more complete list of our latest work.


Advanced Tools for Domain Drop Catching

Xeptagon has developed an AI based Domain Drop Catching service for an accredited domain registrar in Europe. Domain drop catching requires ultra high speed distributed and intelligent systems to competitively operate against the comptetitors in the industry.
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Intelligent Capacity Planning and Scheduling

Xeptagon IPS - Intelligent Capacity Planning and Scheduling System

Xeptagon is currently developing an Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) for medium to large factory floors. At present, many large factories find it difficult to intelligently schedule production plans that utilize the factory machinery, labour and other resources in an efficient and optimum manner.
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Generic Machine Learning Orchestration Framework by Xeptagon

Xeptagon designed and developed a cloud platform independent generic orchestration framework as a solution to handle scalability, availability, fault tolerance, model management and reusability of machine learning models. The framework was developed to deploy machine learning models of an   inter-governmental organization.
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