Intelligent Production Scheduling
Xeptagon production scheduling

Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS)

As the world undergoes rapid progression factories need to keep pace by quickly adapting to face the new challenges. At present, many large factories find it challenging to intelligently schedule production plans that utilize factory machinery, labor, energy, and other resources in an optimized and efficient manner.

Xeptagon Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) uses the latest advances Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms and goes beyond Industry 4.0 to optimize the decisions made in the manufacturing process. The IPS system achieves these targets through its AI-based intelligent decision-maker and an Internet of Things (IoT) based real-time factory floor monitoring system.

Transform your Factory with Xeptagon IPS

Xeptagon IPS system brings advanced Industry 4.0 features to your business with data driven decision making. Our innovative technology will give you an edge over competitors and global challenges.


Business Impact

Our Intelligent Production Scheduling system will give you quantifiable financial gains by scheduling the factory machinery, labor, energy, and other resources in an optimized manner with the highest utility. The savings can be transparently tracked through the system with insights that will improve the bottom line and give high levels of ROI. This will also enable the factory management to focus on more important tasks, such as product improvement and new product development, while day to day challenges are managed by IPS.

Real-time Scheduling

An easy-to-use AI based proprietary scheduling algorithm with Gannt chart visualizations, gives you the option of optimized real time production scheduling that saves time and energy, meets deadlines, schedule rush orders and assesses the impact of unforeseen events of production stoppages.

The Xeptagon IPS system can generate recommendations for various unforeseen events such as malfunctions in the machinery, sudden changes in customer requirements and rush orders. Under each of these scenarios, the system will reroute the production schedule to minimize the impact on the overall factory workflow.


Real-time Monitoring

An attractive and customizable monitoring dashboard with real time updates, utilization reports, audit reports and alerts with controls. The management can use these reports to improve budgeting, costing and identify various bottlenecks in the production environment.

The management and planning teams can remotely monitor the production processes, update the production plans, and input production data while the IoT based sensory system would independently feed the operation state of the factory machinery in real-time.

Tailor-made Consultancy

Our experts with years of big data handling and research experience with top ranked universities around the world will offer tailor-made consultations that suit your business. After analyzing your machine data, we will provide valuable insights into specific areas to focus on and improve.


Plug and Play IoT

Quickly deployable plug and play IoT framework to work with the latest cloud implementations. Our state-of-the-art IoT devices can be configured remotely and installed by maintenance engineers with minimal training. Our IoT devices are sourced from the best manufacturers in the world and come with a manufacturer's warranty and a performance guarantee to suit harsh factory conditions.

Fraud Prevention and Audit

The Xeptagon IPS system will closely track the manufacturing process to prevent fraud in and audit the system by generating daily, weekly, and monthly machine utilization reports, machine idle reports and anomaly reports. In addition, the system is also capable of generating alerts and flagging any anomalies to specific authority levels.


Predictive Maintenance

Although machine downtime cannot be avoided entirely, critical breakdowns and longer downtimes can be avoided through the innovative use of IoT sensory data and our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection algorithms.

The Xeptagon IPS system includes support for machine Condition Monitoring as well. The system includes an easy-to-use dashboard that will enable maintenance engineers to remotely monitor machine vibrations, temperature, humidity, and other machine operations.

External Systems

Connect Xeptagon IPS with your favourite off-the-shelf ERP systems, HR systems or any of your in-house proprietary systems that have an API. This will help factories with efficient purchase and inventory management and improve HR functions such as performance target reviews and goal tracking.


ESG Compliance and SDGs

Safeguard the environment by saving precious resources and optimizing the manufacturing processes of factories to an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria-compliant framework. Xeptagon IPS will help stakeholders of factories be more sustainable and create value while increasing the top line, reducing costs, and uplifting employee productivity.

Moreover, Xeptagon is passionate about achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Xeptagon IPS specifically supports "SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure" and "SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production"

International Recognition

Xeptagon IPS has been selected to participate in the Berlin Landing Pad 2022 program, which is funded by the European Union as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and supported by the Berlin Senate. The project is organized by Enpact and implemented in cooperation with Berlin Partner for Economics and Technologies, Betahaus and Bosch Startup Harbour.

In addition, Xeptagon IPS was selected as a finalist to participate in the Asia Berlin Summit 2022 Start Up pitching competition. The Asia Berlin Summit is the annual summit of year-long Asia Berlin activities where policymakers, startups, and investors meet to discuss the newest tech trends and cross-border 9 10 collaboration between Asia and Berlin, Germany. Xeptagon IPS was presented before a panel of experts, tech giants from Germany, and the general audience as part of the Closing Remarks for the Summit.


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