Jan 13

Intelligent Capacity Planning and Scheduling System by Xeptagon

Xeptagon is currently developing an Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) for medium to large factory floors. At present, many large factories find it difficult to intelligently schedule production plans that utilize the factory machinery, labour and other resources in an efficient and optimum manner.
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Xeptagon at AFF
Jan 25

Xeptagon showcases Carbon Registry Technology at Asian Financial Forum

Xeptagon took part in the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2023 held in Hong Kong. The event brought together many global financial thought leaders in person with the participation of industry leaders, policymakers, fintech innovators and investors from over 80 countries. With the event having a core focus on sustainability and decarbonization this year, Xeptagon was able to introduce the recent work carried out in the Carbon Credit Registry and Carbon Credit Trading domains to the participants.
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Xeptagon on-chain analytics
Nov 25

Open-source On-Chain Analytics Platform by Xeptagon

Xeptagon will be releasing a lightweight open-source On-Chain Analytics platform to analyze on-chain transactions on blockchains! The initial phase of the project was developed with the partnership of National University of Singapore as a capstone project. The project which is currently focusing on Bitcoin will be extended to other cryptocurrencies.
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Xeptagon at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022
Nov 10

Xeptagon at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022

Xeptagon was among the 400 exhibitors at the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022. The event brought together thousands of industry leaders, policymakers, and fintech innovators to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by the fintech industry. We were able to introduce the best of our fintech products and development services on blockchain, on-chain analytics, and financial data modeling to the attendees.
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Xeptagon at Berlin Landing Pad
Nov 05

Xeptagon IPS at Berlin Landing Pad and Asia Berlin Summit 2022

Xeptagon IPS was selected to participate in the Berlin Landing Pad program alongside 11 other startups across Asia and was also selected as one of the top 10 finalists out of 300 participants in the Asia Berlin Summit 2022 Start-up pitch competition. Both events are initiatives of the Berlin Government, funded by the European Union.
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ML Orchestration
Aug 08

Generic Machine Learning Orchestration Framework by Xeptagon

Xeptagon designed and developed a cloud platform independent generic machine learning orchestration framework as a solution to handle scalability, availability, fault tolerance, model management and reusability of machine learning models. Our framework is based on Python, FastAPI, Docker, Terraform, GitHub Actions and Kubernetes. The framework was developed to deploy machine learning models of an inter-governmental organization.
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Jul 06

Xeptagon Connects Web3.0 to AWS through ICP

Internet Computer Protocol(ICP) Blockchain is expected to play a pivotal role in Web3.0 adoption. Xeptagon developed a framework to connect the ICP canisters to AWS Lambda functions which will enable AWS Lambda to harness the distributed computational and data storage capabilities of ICP. Our framework will act as the bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0 during the current transition period to Web3.0.
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Xeptagon Predictive Maintenance
JUL 05

AI based Software tools for Predictive Maintenance of Factory Machinery

Xeptagon in line with the latest advances of Industry 4.0 is launching a core software module on Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance for factory machines. The component analyses IoT sensor data through AI-based algorithms to evaluate the working conditions of the machines and early identify machine faults, categorize faults, and even estimate the time to the next machine failure is likely to occur.
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DEC 30

Advanced Tools for Domain Drop Catching

Xeptagon has developed an AI based Domain Drop Catching service for an accredited domain registrar in Europe. Domain drop catching requires ultra high speed distributed and intelligent systems to competitively operate against the comptetitors in the industry. Our system has achieved very success rates.
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Dec 12

Xeptagon Powers Uber-style Mobile Application for Tutoring

Xeptagon developed an Uber-style mobile application to connect teachers, parents and students. The application provides the ability to browse tutors, book offline and online tutoring sessions, provide reviews as well as to conduct online live tutoring sessions.
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SEP 04

NFT Marketplace for East Asia

The origin of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be traced back to 2014 although they are getting popular among users now as it is a convenient method to do transactions for digital items. The number of transactions for NFTs has grown rapidly and is now in billions of dollars.
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