Intelligent Production Scheduling

Intelligent Capacity Planning and Scheduling

Xeptagon is currently developing an Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) for medium to large factory floors. At present, many large factories find it difficult to intelligently schedule production plans that utilize the factory machinery, labour and other resources in an efficient and optimum manner. The IPS system achieves these targets through its AI-based intelligent decision-maker and the IoT based real-time factory floor monitoring system.

Xeptagon IPS is an intelligent planning and scheduling system for manufacturing tasks in factories, such that production workflow is organized in an optimum manner. In optimizing the production workflow, the system would consider the available machinery, tools and raw material to generate production schedules. When generating the production schedules, they will be optimized with the selected target criteria, such as meeting deadlines or minimization of the overall cost.

To facilitate the scheduling, the system will include an easy to use graphical planning display that enables the management and planning teams to remotely monitor the production processes, update the production progress and input production data. Since the system would require updates from factory staff on the production progress, IPS are also coupled with an IoT (Internet of Things) based sensory system that would independently feed the operation state of the factory machinery in real-time. These data can be used to cross verify and audit the human data inputs within the IPS system.

In addition to creating production schedules, the system can generate recommendations for various unforeseen events such as malfunctions in the machinery, sudden changes in customer requirements and rush orders. Under each of these scenarios, the system will reroute the complete production schedule such that the impact on the overall factory workflow is minimized

In addition, Xeptagon IPS have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based component that will learn from the feedback information to further improve scheduling tasks and recommendations provided.

Since all production data is captured within the system, Xeptagon IPS also have the capability of generating various reports at regular time intervals on machine utilization, production progress and order resource consumption. These reports can be used by the management to improve budgeting, costing and identify various bottlenecks in the production environments.

The system is currently tested in the manufacturing plants of Sierra Cable PLC, a listed company in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

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