Xeptagon Powers Uber-style Mobile Application for Tutoring

DEC 2021

In a world where most of the sectors are functioning remotely, education holds a significant spot. Parents are eager to continue education of their children without disruptions while maintaining high quality education.

It is a challenge for parents to find good tutors for their children. Qualifications of the tutor, prior experience to teach a particular subject and teaching approaches are few of the primary attributes parents consider when selecting an ideal tutor. Ability to browse through verified educational qualifications, reviews given by other parents and average tutor ratings can help the parents in the selection process.

In addition, remote tutoring has become the new normal in many scenarios. Through remote tutoring, students can continue their education tasks even during lockdowns. In addition, it will be much safer for both the student and teacher to avoid unnecessary exposure to the increasing number of covid variants.

Studtors Technologies Limited, a leading tutoring entity in Hong Kong in collaboration with Xeptagon, developed an Uber-style mobile application to connect teachers, parents and students. The application provides the ability to browse tutors, book offline and online tutoring sessions, provide reviews as well as to conduct online live tutoring sessions. Studtors compose two mobile applications for Parent and Tutor separately, which supports Android and IOS platforms and the corresponding backend functions. The application supports multiple languages such as English and Mandarin and is scalable to handle thousands of concurrent users.

Download the following brochure for more details.

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